Win with the Connected Shopper.

Manthan’s transformational Demand Signal Management, delivers a strengthened, streamlined partnership between manufacturer and retailer that takes into account the needs of the fast-changing, connected shopper. It offers a single source of truth from acquisition to integration to analysis to execution against all demand data. Manthan’s DSM delivers new sophisticated levers to ensure that your brand is always on top of changing shopper needs.

A role-based analytics solution, it comes pre-packaged with tools to help, account managers, brand managers, demand-planning managers, product managers, supply managers and marketing managers with relevant, analytics-driven insights.

 CPG Benefits

CPG Benefits

  • Improved brand value
  • Improved marketing campaigns
  • Structured new product launch
  • Collaborative promotions
  • Reduced cost-to-serve
Retailer Benefits

Retailer Benefits

  • Increased traffic
  • Improved inventory performance
  • Increased basket size
  • Improved banner loyalty
  • Improved profitability
Shopper Benefits

Shopper Benefits

  • Assured availability
  • Optimized pricing
  • Personalized experience
  • Increased brand value

Make everyone an agent of change



  • Shopper insights for more relevant campaigns and therefore, greater fulfillment
  • Social media analysis and faster response process for greater loyalty
  • Campaign performance tracking for greater ROI
  • Tracking and managing new product introduction for greater traction
  • Optimized Trade spend
Supply Chain

Supply Chain

  • Visibility and insights on shelf positions for greater in-stock positions
  • Visibility to ensure greater shelf execution and fulfillment
Account Management

Account Management

  • Understand retail performance and shelf execution for greater growth
  • Shelf stock analysis and actionable corrections for greater in-stock positions
  • Targeted performance analysis from multiple data streams for greater category share
  • Insights on trade-spend to drive better deals for greater brand loyalty


  • Track product and marketing investments for greater retail performance
  • Insight-driven performance metrics for greater organizational performance

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